KaXu Solar One, is the first Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) power plant in South Africa, incorporates a storage system that enables production of 100 MW for 2.5 hours after sunset or before dawn. The project will result in approximately USD 891 million direct and indirect investment inflows to South Africa, generating approximately USD 516 million in taxes over the next 20 years, and created almost 2,000 construction jobs during its two year construction period.

This project, a well arranged public-private partnership, was awarded by the Department of Energy of South Africa and it will serve clean and reliable electricity to Eskom, South Africa’s power utility, under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

Atlantica Yield owns 51 % of the project, the IDC 29 % and KaXu Community Trust 20 %. KaXu Solar One plant is based near Pofadder in the Northern Cape.