Pofadder, to many people, means far away or very remote. The Khai Ma region consists of small rural towns in the remote and arid areas of the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

As much as the towns in the region are small, they have become active business centres for the Khai Ma region through all the industrial (mining and renewable energy) development taking place. The towns of Pofadder, Pella, Onseepkans and Witbank are the places where companies, tourists and those in need of suppliers and/or service providers can find small businesses.

Pofadder is considered by many people as a small dusty town in a nowhere part of the world, a town so remote that many will only go there under most extreme circumstances. The surrounding district is arid, sparsely populated, rugged and have a unique picturesque appearance. The entire Khai Ma region has only 12 000 inhabitants. The area is known for table grapes and raisin production along the banks of the Orange river. Sheep and goat farmers dominate the area’s agricultural activities. Pella and Klein-Pella has also become synonymous with date farming.

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