A salution for small business in Pofadder and surrounding areas to acess customers and promote local value

Opportunity Providers

This website provides solutions to procurement officers and buyers from large supplier companies or contractors to the Khai Ma region who require services or goods to be provided by BBBEE compliant entrepreneurs. They can find them on this website by using the search and find facility on the landing page.

Companies are motivated by the BBBEE Act Codes of Good Practice to engage with preferential procurement through working with local black owned small businesses in achieving their procurement spend targets.  Companies are further encouraged to spend a minimum of 15% of their measured procurement spend on small businesses in the EME and QSE ranges. Further, companies are also required to spend a minimum of 8% of total procurement spend on small businesses owned by black women.

Pofadderbusiness.co.za offers large companies, regional mines, contractors, sub-contractors, local municipalities, tourists and individuals the opportunity to engage with and provides access to BBBEE entrepreneurial small businesses based in Pofadder, Pella, Witbank and Onseepkans.  www.pofadderbusiness.co.za is a solution that aims to grow and support small business owners towards building stronger suppliers and service providers for all. 

This website maintains a database of 100% certified BBBEE small business suppliers and service providers who can provide goods and services to opportunity providers in and around the Khai Ma Municipal region. All small businesses featured in the database on this website are rated BBBEE level 1 EME.

This database serves as the single point of contact for finding key BBBEE supplier information which could be used by mines, commercial farms, renewable energy companies, tourists and individuals.  

Prospective opportunity providers interested in pursuing opportunities for using BBBEE small businesses in the greater Pofadder region are encouraged to contact them directly through the respective contact details listed herein.

The website database contains BBBEE small businesses ranging from small farmers who can supply lamb, beef and goats to local guest houses, people transport providers, pay load transport providers, electricians, plumbers, builders, construction, caterers, fencing, painters etc.

Opportunity providers are encouraged to make use of the tender promotion facility on the website in order to get higher levels of participation by local black owned small businesses in the region. Kindly contact the programme managers on the contacts page.

ED Programme Manager and Implementation Agent

Mr JJ Oosthuysen
Tel: 082 406 7191


Community Liaison

Mr Michael Maasdorp
Tel: 082 8866 789