A salution for small business in Pofadder and surrounding areas to acess customers and promote local value

Pella Businesses

Walter Engelsman

Sheep farmer able to provide small quantities of dorper and goat lambs to abattoirs. CONTACT PERSON: Walter Engelsman CONTACT NUMBER: 0833194487 TOWN: Pella CATEGORY: Agriculture

Kokstad Upholstery

General upholstery services to repair office furniture and household furniture. Also general carpentry services, making of iron boards etc. CONTACT PERSON: Kokstad Finnish CONTACT NUMBER: 0783843317 TOWN: Pella CATEGORY: Carpentry, Upholstery

Andries & Joylene Engelsman

Labourer accommodation at affordable rates. Transport of staff offered to site and back at reasonale rates. CONTACT PERSON: Andries Engelsman CONTACT NUMBER: 0738157062 TOWN: Pofadder CATEGORY: Accommodation, Transport

Hendrik Second Artist

Based in the residentil area of Pella. Construction of low cost houses, small civil works, brick walls, small commercial buildings etc CONTACT PERSON: Hendrik Second CONTACT NUMBER: 0743898563 TOWN: Pella CATEGORY: Art

Pella Bricks (bricks, paver, blocks)

Pella based cement brick factory makes cement building blocks, cement bricks and pavers. Best prices in the region. Tested for quality on a regular basis. CONTACT PERSON: Roma Simboya CONTACT NUMBER: 0783266863 TOWN: Pella CATEGORY: Construction, Bricks, Pavers,...

Khaima Civil Construction

Civil construction, residential construction and commercial projects. Renovations and extentions to homes. CONTACT PERSON: Francisco Magerman CONTACT NUMBER: 0767099117 TOWN: Pella CATEGORY: Construction

Jacky van Zyl

Sales rocks & stones harvested from the mauntains around Pella, including pink quartz and amethyst as well as other precious stones commonly found in the area. CONTACT PERSON: Jacky van Zyl CONTACT NUMBER: 0763940933 TOWN: Pella...

MT Fancy Decor

Décor hire for celebrations of companies, private functions, weddings, birthdays etc. Chair covers, table cloths, haning drapes, table decorations etc.  Special events made beautiful. CONTACT PERSON: Christopher van Schalkwyk CONTACT NUMBER: 0846980772 TOWN: Pella...

Matselens Take Away

Fast foods offered to people and pedestrians passing by and those who travel through Pella. Order from the menu. CONTACT PERSON: Shanelle Coetzee CONTACT NUMBER: 0736880170 TOWN: Pella CATEGORY: Restaurant, Fast food, Take Away

ED Programme Manager and Implementation Agent

Mr JJ Oosthuysen
Tel: 082 406 7191


Community Liaison

Mr Michael Maasdorp
Tel: 082 8866 789