A salution for small business in Pofadder and surrounding areas to acess customers and promote local value

About the Enterprise Development Programme

In terms of the agreement with the South African government, independent power producers have an obligation towards investing in Enterprise Development and Small Business development in the communities closest to its projects to promote economic development of the area.

Xina Solar One is a 100MW thermo solar power plant near Pofadder in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The concentrating solar power plant is owned by Abengoa, IDC, PIC and the Community Trust, 

Xina Solar One is a sponsor of the Socio Economic and Enterprise Development (SEED+) Programme.   The objective of SEED+, among others, is focused on developing locally black owned small businesses and small suppliers.

The local communities of Khai Ma Municipal region have been identified as the beneficiary communities for Enterprise Development investment by Xina Solar One. This refers to SMEs based in either of Pofadder, Onseepkans, Pella and/or Witbank.

In essence, the SEED+ Enterprise Development initiatives are aimed at creating, building and supporting free standing sustainable small businesses.

  • Develop them into becoming suppliers to the company
  • Develop community based non-supplier SME’s to enable them to engage with other companies, mines or their own communities thereby building sustainability.

Primary Objectives

  • To facilitate access to finance for SME’s
  • To empower SME owners through modular training programmes and mentorship with knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to ensure long term sustainability of the business.
  • To promote SME’s through a web based database and other market linkage programmes

Secondary Objectives

  • To encourage entrepreneurship in local communities of the Northern Cape
  • To stimulate active economic participation by SME’s in the mainstream economy
  • To develop SME’s to become suppliers to large companies

The Enterprise Development Programme offers seven value adding propositions to black owned small businesses. These are:

  • Access to Finance (grants/loans)
  • Small Business Skills Training,
  • Mentorship,
  • Access to customers,
  • Value chain integration through purchase orders as
  • Access to business information
  • Job Creation Projects

Low income rural small businesses in the Khai Ma Local Municipality region have been neglected over many years with no access to finance and little access to profitable customers. The SEED+ Enterprise Development Programme, in an effort to create a solution for small businesses to access customers, maintains this website to facilitate access to customers by making the businesses visible to those who provide business or revenue generation opportunities.

Xina Solar One has enrolled more than two hundred small businesses in the EnD Programme over the years. Xina Solar One is proud to be associated with small business development In the Khai Ma Municipal region and will proudly continue in its efforts to create opportunities for small businesses through the EnD Programme.

The holistic business support initiatives mentioned above are aimed at stimulating business success in both growth of sales and growth in profits. The EnD Programme’s focus is on developing both the business and the entrepreneur.

In order for companies to participate in the EnD Programme, qualifying criteria must be met as per below.

  • Black male or female owned small business
  • The company must be registered and operating within Khai Ma Municipal region

Business owners to be of good standing with SARS and UIF with no criminal records

ED Programme Manager and Implementation Agent

Mr JJ Oosthuysen
Tel: 082 406 7191


Community Liaison

Mr Michael Maasdorp
Tel: 082 8866 789